Free IP Stresser is a free IP stresser tool for you to test your servers without spending any money.

  • Every stress test launches powerful load on server.
  • Most booters today overcharge you for weak stress tests. We offer you a better service for free!
  • We hope you enjoy our service and spread the word about it so more people like you can find us.



Quick Results

Our backend servers are infastructured to insure the best connectivity. Which means that your stress test starts in next couple of seconds from the moment you click send button.

Efficent Code

This page is made by our in-house team, so we can provide you top quality user experience during your stay here.

Slick Design

We used responsive theme to make it more appealing than most of the booters have.

Powerful Stress Tests

Every stress test launches impactful traffic to your server which uses different kind of packets to find weakspots.

Improved machine learning AI

We use next generation technology to learn and compare patterns about other network configurations to improve our service.


Our webpage can be used with all kinds of devices, such as personal computer, tablet or even phone.

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