In this list, we’re going to showcase some useful hacks and tricks for the PlayStation 4 that you might not have known about.
Without further ado, check out our tips and let us know if we miss out on something that should be added later on by leaving a comment down below.


#15 How to Use the PS4’s Hidden Zoom Feature

Reading in-game text in video games can sometimes be totally difficult, especially in games without proper font-sizing. If you’re sitting too far away from your TV or if things look a bit blurry, it’s possible to blow up the text by zooming in.

You’ll first need to head into your PS4 settings and enter the “Accessibility” menu, where you’ll find an option for “Zoom.” Enable it and you’ll be able to zoom into your screen by hitting the PlayStation button and square.

#14 How to View Hidden Trophies

Some of the trophies you’ll find in video games are set to “hidden,” which can make achievement hunting rather difficult. If you don’t care about being spoiled and want to find all the achievements you can, you can unhide these hidden trophies by hitting the Square button while you have them highlighted in the game’s achievements page. It’ll show you what the trophy is, so you’ll have a better idea of how to unlock it.

If you still don’t know how to unlock a trophy (as not all trophies provide you with descriptions on how to unlock them), hit the X button on a trophy, select “Options,” and select the option to search the internet. It’ll launch your web browser from the PS4 and help you to look up details of that trophy.

#13 How to Buy Games With PlayStation Trophies

Did you know that it’s now possible to buy games with your trophies? Through a newly-introduced Sony Rewards program, you can now earn credit towards your purchases depending on how many trophies you’ve acquired.

100 silver trophies is equal to 100 points, 25 gold trophies is worth 250 points, and 10 platinum trophies gives you 1000 points. You’ll need a lot of trophies to get anything, however—as 1,000 points is only worth about $10 in PlayStation Network credit.

Keep in mind that you’ll first need to sign up for Sony Rewards, and any trophies you’ve acquired prior to joining the program will not be retroactively applied to your account.

#12 Download/View Game Patches

ps4 patches

In need to check out the latest patch release for a certain game title? PS4Patches is the biggest database available for gamers to download offline.

#11 Sharing is Caring

One of the most underutilized features on the PlayStation 4 is the share button. The share button allows you to ‘share’ your gameplay through screenshots and videos, but what you might not have known is that it’s possible to configure the share button to be even more efficient than what the default settings might offer.

By default, pressing the Share button will bring up the share menu. Holding it lets you take a screenshot, and double clicking it allows you to record a video. To change these settings, press the Share button and head down into the “Pressing Options.” From here, you can configure your Share Settings.

It’s a good idea to set it to “Easy Screenshots” so that you’ll be able to simply tap the share button to take a screenshot without having to hold down the button for a long time. It’ll save you a lot of time, and on top of that, it’ll make it so you never accidentally open up the share menu when you don’t intend to—which can be an issue with a lot of games.


#10 Save Content To The Cloud

Video games take quite a bit of storage. Most often, even if players purchase a disc, there’s still content and data that must be installed on your console. As a result, you are either forced to purchase a new bigger hard drive or make use of cloud storage.

Using cloud storage will mean players will have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, but as a result, content can be saved on the cloud rather than taking up your hard drive storage. With that said, if you rather keep your storage locally, then you can opt to save content to an external hard drive or even a USB flash drive.

#9 Play Your PS4 Games On The PC

#8 Let The PS4 Turn Your TV On

Most newer televisions are equipped with the ability to be turned on through an HDMI device. This may seem like a small tip, but if players are interested, they can set up their television to turn on when the PlayStation 4 powers up.

If your television is able to be connected and awoken through HDMI then you’ll need to enable HDMI Device Link within the system settings of your PlayStation 4. Again, its a small tip but it can come in handy.


#7 Share Your Games Digitally With Friends

If you want to enjoy a video game with a friend who may not live near you then that doesn’t mean your out of luck, especially if only one player actually owns the game. With Share Play, gamers can connect online and play together with a single copy of the game.

This does have some restrictions such as the host being the only one to receive trophies. Likewise, there is an hour cutoff in placed with each session, but that can be bypassed by simply restarting the connection. Furthermore, if your friend wishes to enjoy the singleplayer campaign experience then they can actually take control with the host’s permission.

#6 Listen To Your Own Music During Gameplay

Do you have a playlist of music that you have tucked away on a drive or even on Spotify? The PlayStation 4 has a media player that can play MP3 files granting players to mute their in-game audio and replace it with their own created playlist.

The same can be done with the Spotify application. Players will only need to add their account to the application and it can then be synced up to your console for your listening enjoyment.


#5 Completely Remap The PS4 Buttons

While developers often tweak their game controls to mimic something more comfortable and familiar for players, there have been instances of which players are not completely satisfied. For those video games that doesn’t off the ability to tweak their control scheme then you can alter button assignments completely through the accessibility settings menu. Within this menu, players can tweak every button and remap it so you can enjoy video games in a more particular way.

4# Pull IP Addresses & Boot Players offline

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Using a PS4 IP puller such as Lanc Remastered you can easily grab someone’s IP address in your party or gaming session. Once you obtained that information head over to a free booter service and knock them offline.

#3 Manually Remove A Stuck Disc

If you happen to have your console completely die on you with a game disc still inside then you’re not out of luck. Sony has thought ahead and designed the console to allow players to receive their disc even if they are unable to power up the console.

Now the process is slightly different by the console model you own. However, for the most part, there is a small screw need to take out under the shroud covering the HDD or on the underside of the PlayStation 4 Pro. By taking out the screw, the disc will slide on out.


#2 Turn Down Lightbar Brightness

With the DualShock 4, Sony added a lightbar function to the controller that not only illuminates a light but can change colors depending on the game or scenario. However, if you wish to prolong your battery life, it may be worth dimming the light within the settings menu. Additionally, because the light is so bright, players may find that it will actually reflect on their television display, giving you all the more reason to dim the brightness.

#1 Pre-load Video Games Before They Release

Here’s a tip that some gamers may not know about still. It’s becoming more common for gamers to purchase their video game titles digitally. As a result, players won’t have to deal with those pesky download times when the game officially releases.

If you purchase titles digitally then take use of pre-loading. This will allow games to download on your consoles days before it releases into the market. You won’t be able to play them until they release, but at least you’re not waiting for the game to download and install the day of launch.

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